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Felipe Rivera Creations

About Felipe Rivera Creations

    I am a native New Mexican Jeweler and Santero. I have been practicing these art forms for over 7 years. I started out by carving and painting religious pieces. I wanted to add silver attributes to some of my carvings such as crowns and earrings found on traditional pieces.

     I soon began learning the art of Silversmithing which not only gave me the skills to add those traditional attributes found on historic pieces, but also develop my one of a kind style found in my "Santo Collection". My style is constantly evolving and I am always trying to learn new techniques.

    I feel that my work is affordable to a wide variety of people. One can look through my online store and purchase beautiful dainty lightweight Jewelry designs and custom one of a kind pieces all within the same site. All of my Jewelry is made with sterling and fine silver. I use genuine gemstones in all of my pieces.

    I hope you enjoy your shopping  experience at my online store.